The museum Su Mulinu

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The museum Su Mulinu

Inaugurated in 2002, the museum is located in the18th century building of the former “Monte Granatico”,
restored for the occasion. The restoration of the 18th century strucuture brought to the building artifacts
rangig from 3000 B.C. to the 1000 A.D. from the area of Villanovafranca, especially Pranu sa Feurra,
Barbaraxinu, Cuccuru s’Arriu, Trattasi, Tuppedili, Paberi, Barraka is Dragonis and Musciu but most of all the
archeologiacal site of Su Mulinu where archaeological exploration began in 1984.
The exhibition is presented in 15 different displays, 5 platforms with findings of stone of rather large
dimensions, 13 illustrative panels and the reconstruction to scale of the altar of Su Mulinu with its
extraordinary handwork.
There is a hands on section with reproductions of artifacts accompanied by text in braille.
The museum offers tours on appointment and also contains a bookshop where publications can be found
both for the expert and for novice.

Country: Italy

Address: Piazza Risorgimento n. 6 , Località Pranu Scalitta 09020 Villanovafranca

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