The archaeological site Su Mulinu

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The Archeological site of Su Mulinu

Su Mulinu is situated a kilometer from the town of Villanovafranca. Here the archeological finds have
shown, in addiction to testimony going back to the second half of the 3rd millenium B.C., the presence of a
Nuragic complex and layers of settlements varying of an important local leader.
After being restructured several times, it was destroyed around 1000 B.C. and trasformed into a large
sanctuary dedicated to the worship of the Moon Godness.
This is demonstrated by a series of stone altars, the most beautiful of which are those present in the room
“E” with lunar symbols engraved into the relief. The site continued to be an important politic, religious and
economic center in the succesive Punic and Roman periods, continuing through the reign of the Vandals,
Byzantines and Protoguidicale during which an extensive inhabited area and necropolis were created. The
site is open to visit and offers guides tours

Country: Italy

Address: Località Pranu Scalitta 09020 Villanovafranca

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