National Museum Pozarevac

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The establishment of the Museum at the Požarevac High School began in 1893 with the occupation of Professor Luka Jevremović, who initiated, with the help of students, parents and citizens, the collection of items for the museum collection. Legal work, in the true sense, of the Museum began with the adoption and confirmation of the Rules of the Museum from 1896. The then Minister of Education and Church Affairs, Ljubomir Kovačević, approved the establishment of the Museum by confirming the MUSEUM RULES on February 3, 1896. In 1896, the museum had more than 350 items in its collections, primarily numismatics, but also others. Immediately after the foundation of the Museum, Luka Jevremović was appointed as the custodian (curator), who performed this duty for a full ten years. The basic task, for which the museum was founded, began to be realized: preservation and research of antiquities, primarily in the Požarevac district. In April 1907, the museum opened a permanent museum exhibition in a special room of the gymnasium.

In the First World War, the largest number of museum objects perished, even though the evacuation was carried out, and what remained was stretched by the Bulgarian occupiers. During the Second World War (1941-1945), the Museum existed and operated under the name Braničevski Museum throughout the war. After the liberation, in September 1947, the Museum was solemnly and officially opened to the public on the occasion of Vuk’s jubilee. Nikola Bošković, a retired professor, was appointed manager. The journey of 125 years, from the high school, through the Braničevo, District, City, and National Museums to today’s National Museum, was extremely dynamic (research and collection of objects, exhibition and documentation, as well as successive conservation of museum objects), testifying to the rich cultural heritage of this region, Branicevo district.

Today, the National Museum in Požarevac is a regional museum, with 50,000 objects in eight collections and seven buildings in five locations.

Working hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:30 – 20:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 14:00

Group and study visits need to be announced in advance:

Contact:  +381 66 844 2289


Country: Serbia

Address: Voje Dulića 10 12000 Požarevac

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