Institute of Archaeology

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The Institute of Archaeolgy is a uniqe scientific institution dedicated to archaeological research. It was founded in 1947. by Serbian Acaadmy of Arts and Science and since 1961. it functions as an independent institution.

The Institute and its researchers conducted several hundred archaeological excavations, including some of the most important archaeological sites in Serbia, including Smolucka Pecina, Lepenski Vir, Velesnica, Davidovac, Drenovac, Velika Humska Čuka, Prljuša – Mali Šturac, Kale Krševica from Prehistory; Viminacium, Sirmium, Vrelo-Šarkamen, Timacum Minus, Naissus and Mediana, Felix Romuliana and Singidunum from Antiquity and Caricin Grad – Iustiniana Prima; Belgrade Fortress, Novo Brdo, Stalać, Kruševac, Smederovo and Maglič.

Aditionally, the Instute publishes Starinar, the oldest archaeological journal in Serbia

Country: Serbia

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