Home of the Pavlovic family

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The house in Gospodar Jevremova Street was built in 1882 as a ground-floor family house for Kosta St. Pavlovic, then head of a department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Designed in the academic style, with a nicely organized garden, the house is an example of typical urban architecture in Belgrade in the second half of the nineteenth century. A storey with loft was added in 1927 after the design by architect Aleksandar Sekulic. Home of the Pavlovic family was the venue of social happenings with eminent personalities from political and cultural life of the country as protagonists.

The family collection of local and foreign artworks, documents, medals, furniture, applied art pieces and a large library, gathered for decades, is kept in the house and books in the house.

This cultural monument is an example of good cooperation between the owners who inherited it and the institution which is in charge of its preservation.



Country: Serbia

Address: Gospodar Jevremova 39

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5 1 vote
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