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Archaeological site Drenovac is located near city of Paraćin. It is a deeply stratified site, with cultural deposits up to 6.50m thick, and spans
two main periods of occupation (separated by a hiatus of c. 700 years): the Early Neolithic Starčevo Culture (6100-5900BC) and the Late Neolithic Vinča Culture (5300-4700/4500BC).

First big excavations were conducted between 1968. and 1971. Institute of Archaeology continued reaserch of Drenovc in 2004.

Archaeological excavations unearthed multistory buildings. The upper form was in the form of a gallery, which was used as that additional space for various activities including food storage and preparation. Based on geomagnetic anomalies in the latest Vinča phase, the Drenovac settlement covered around 40ha. Within the surveyed area, some 300 rectangular anomalies – burned houses, were recorded. Since less than a half of the settlement was surveyed, it is estimated that the total number of houses was closer to 700. Given the longevity of the Late Neolithic settlement (c. 700 years) and its extent, an inevitable question arises as to whether all of these features were contemporaneous.

Country: Serbia

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