Genex Tower

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The residential and business center “Genex” was built in the period from 1970. to 1980, at the intersection of the highway and Narodnih heroja Street in Block 33 in Novi Beograd, according to the project of architect Mihailo Mitrović, one of the most productive authors of the second half of the 20th century in Yugoslavia.

The building consists of two towers – reinforced concrete skeletal constructions that are functionally separated into a residential one with 30 floors and a business one with 26 floors connected into an architectural whole by a construction in the form of a bridge at a height of 26th floor.

Each tower has two staircases, which are “hidden” in concrete side-placed verticals with a circular base, separated from the square bases of the towers. In terms of design, innovation is most evident in the appearance of a rotunda with a movable floor, on top of the administrative tower, which is intended for a restaurant-observatory, the first of its kind in Europe.

The monumental building, also known as the “West Gate”, was was build from the direction of the Belgrade Airport, as an urban “lighthouse” and the most striking motif of Novi Beograd, but also a visual landmark of the entire city. At the time of its construction it was the tallest building in the Balkans. It is characterized by the simplicity of the solution, which is overhanged by a cylindrical roof superstructure to accommodate the restaurant with a mechanism that allowed it to rotate around the central axis.

A particularly original detail of contemporary architecture are the murals by the painter Lazar Vujaklija on the concrete facades of the ground floor from 1979.

Country: Serbia

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