Croatian History Museum

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The Croatian History Museum is the national historical museum based in the 18th c. baroque palace Vojković-Oršić-Kulmer-Rauch in Zagreb’s Upper town. There are 17 collections with over 300 000 objects relevant to Croatian history, ranging from the middle ages to the present.

 The museum building was damaged in the 2020 Zagreb earthquake and is currently closed to visitors. It is currently in the reconstruction phase of the baroque palace in Matoš street and the newly acquired palace in Grič park. The museum staff is currently preparing the first ever permanent display of Croatian history which will be housed in the aforementioned palaces.

Until reconstruction is finished, the museum continues to do temporary guest exhibitions in other museums and galleries.

Country: Croatia

Address: Ulica Antuna Gustava Matoša 9 ; Grič 3

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